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Stericator™ Plasma

Sterilisation Indicator Labels & Tape

Plasma for Sterilisation

Traditional sterilisation methods are no longer effective against all pathogens. By means of plasma, on the other hand, exceptionally stubborn bacteria stems can be killed off, researchers have demonstrated. A new steriliser that is specifically suited for ridding medical instruments of germs efficiently, yet without damaging the material.

Our Stericator™ Plasma sterilisation indicator labels and tape can be used as qualitative process sterilisation indicators to ensure full and proper sterilisation has occurred.


• Consistent colour change on a uniform sterilisation indicator label from magenta to yellow

• Each sterilisation indicator label and tape batch is validated in-house

• The chemistry and product ranges have been completely developed in house for our sterilisation indicator labels and tape

• Sterilisation indicators are supplied as 12.5mm dots with self adhesive backing

Also unlike many of the competitive sterilisation indicator labels Stericator™ Plasma sterilisation indicator labels and tapes contains no heavy metals.


The Stericator Plasma sterilisation indicator labels and tape are process indicators to identify processed and non processed products.

The Stericator steam sterilisation indicator labels should not be used as dosimeters.


Stericator sterilisation indicator labels are self adhesive, 12mm diameter, 5000 per reel, 1 dot per width and also available as a tape.

Order Size

Flexible order quantities are available, in multiples of 5000 sterilisation indicator labels.


Lead Time

Stericator sterilisation indicator labels and tape are less than 4 weeks to dispatch from receipt of order.

Technical Specification

Contact us for more information.

Shelf Life and Storage

Stericator Plasma sterilisation indicators have a shelf life of 12 months from the date of manufacture prior to sterilisation, provided they are stored in ambient conditions below 20°C and 50% R.H. and in the dark. Unprocessed indicators may experience colour changes at raised temperatures.

Precautions : The sterilisation indicators must be protected from exposure to excessive heat, sunlight, chemicals or chemical vapours.